Sylvain Gillory was born in La Rochelle (France) in 1973 and completed his higher education in Nantes at the private applied arts school l'école Pivaut in 1995. In 1997, he and three associates founded an art studio which concentrated on the creation of large format frescos and set decorations for clientele in the Nantes area. Since 2001, he has continued his study of set decorations, artistic development, illustrations, sculpture, and museum décor. The year 2010 marks the moment when he decisively turns his full attention to sculpture:
The “atelier cinq” is thus a final step in a life-long continuum – a choice to work more and more freely.
The purpose of this site is to introduce the research and creative process inherent to the creation of these sculptures to its visitors.
High-fusion foundry, moldings, designing illustrations, scenography…